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Why This Book was Written


As U.S. Citizens, We The People have the greatest freedoms of any group of people in the world.

Our freedoms are being taken away only because we cannot defend what we do not understand.

We need explanations of our freedoms, our Constitution, and our government that the average person on the street can read and understand. We need real life examples that demonstrate how all these things affect our lives regardless of our level of wealth or education.

This book was written to answer all your questions. All answers are based on direct quotations from the U.S. Constitution. It is the supreme law of our land. No one, inside government or outside government, can contradict or violate those laws regardless of their good intentions.

The laws of the Constitution protect our freedoms. All laws needed to take back our freedoms are already written there. They are superior to any federal law, State law, foreign law, or judicial decision.

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We the People, Equal Freedoms, Equal Protection.