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What This Book Contains


It answers simple questions like:

  • Why should I care about my constitutional freedoms?
  • What freedoms do I have and what limits are there on my freedoms?
  • What powers do governments have over my freedoms and my life?
  • What are the three questions that can individually tell you when a federal law or a federal judicial decision has violated the Constitution?
  • How has government taken away some of my freedoms?
  • How can I take back my freedoms?
  • How can I find out exactly what constitutional powers our federal government has?
  • Is there really such a thing as American Exceptionalism?


It also explains these topics:

  • Wealth
  • Inflation
  • What a law is
  • Government spending problems
  • Six ways to show that all elected and appointed government officials are simply employees of We The People.

We the People, Equal Freedoms, Equal Protection.